Change is in the air!

Life is interesting. The way it twists and turns is so unpredictable. Literally hours after my post about starting our adoption journey my life swerved again. I lost my job. And honestly, it was not a bad thing.

I’m not an unintelligent woman. I know when things are not working out, and this job was definitely not working out. I was very unhappy there and I resented the person they were trying to make me. So I started looking for new jobs. Well my boss beat me to the punch and let me go before I could turn in my notice, which sucks, but 3 days later I had a new job offer. This time using the skills that I worked hard for.

I’m going to be working in a mainstream salon cutting hair, something I haven’t done since we moved to California 3 years ago. I feel SO good about this. There is a little guilt about it, knowing potentially how fast this adoption could come through, but I am telling myself that I can’t worry about that and that I need to do what is best for me right now. For 2 1/2 years I’ve put my own dreams and wants on hold because I was so sure a child would enter our lives soon. This time I am not making that mistake. Next week I’ll be going to trainings all week and then I will be official.

In the meantime I had a minor freak-out when I spoke to our home study agency yesterday and realized they had not received the packet I had sent them over a week ago. The packet not only contained all our applications but a very large check, our birth certificates, marriage certificates, and our social security numbers. The city it was addressed to is no more than an hour away so I lost my mind thinking something had happened and all our information was sent to the wrong place. Luckily the agency called me today to let me know that it finally arrived. So for the moment I can breathe easily again. Hopefully we will be contacted by our social worker in about a week and we will be able to set up an appointment for our first interview.

We’ve been busy gathering all the other things we need as well. We got our fingerprints and background checks done last week and now we are working on physicals. J had his earlier this week but my doctor can’t see me till the 25th. It shouldn’t be a problem though. I’m also starting to get our house organized a bit in preparation for our home check. Mostly this will be things such as baby proofing drawers and getting cleaning supplies and medications locked up. That I can do.

I also wanted to do a small call out to bloggers out there. My blog list while extensive, is pretty lacking in adoption blogs. So please, send me your links or links that you know are going through this process as well! I’m very much looking forward to finding some new blogs to dive into. By the way, this doesn’t mean I’m giving up my old blogs. I know I haven’t been a good commenter lately, but I am still reading everyone’s blogs every day. Still wishing and hoping for every single one of you as well. Hopefully once things settle down I’ll be able to dedicate more time to catching up. Hope you all have a wonderful week!





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27 responses to “Change is in the air!

  1. 35life

    Wow! Congrats? It’s weird to congratulate about losing a job but so glad to hear you’ve gotten another so quickly. I totally know what you mean about sticking with one you don’t like because of baby limbo. Understand completely. Struggling with it myself and I’m sensing some change on the horizon as well.

    • I know it is weird that I am so happy about losing a job. But really it was for the best. I hope the change you need is coming soon and will be a positive one!

  2. SM

    We’re doing foster-adoption! It’s slightly different than adoption but some of the same procedures are followed. We have our home study on March 22nd! We’re hoping to be certified by June at the latest.

    You should know before clicking over, however, that I am also in the early stages of pregnancy. We decided to continue with the foster-adoption because our agency supported it and with my history I have little faith that we’ll have a baby at the end. Most of my posts are still about the foster-adoption but every now and then I throw in an anxiety-ridden pregnancy post (they’re marked so you can skip if needed).

    Please stop over if you want to but I understand if you can’t right now. Congrats on starting the process!

  3. getting fired can be a blessing…it certainly seems to be the case for you. I am so happy they received your packet. Sending all of those very important documents out in one packet is cause for a little tension. I am an adoptive mama of 3, 1 bonus son thru marriage and 1 bio. I blog about infertility, adoption, marriage, parenting…fairly new but figuring it out. stop by my blog when you can…will continue to watch your journey unfold.

  4. I haven’t commented before, but have been reading and impressed by you for a long time. Once again I am impressed by your positive attitude towards this latest change. You are definitely inspiring.

    • Thank you so much. I actually feel like an emotional mess, but I’m touched by your kind words. Thank you so much for sticking with me through all the craziness!

  5. I’m so glad that you were able to find another job so quickly after losing the one you didn’t like. I was going to give you the link for SM but she has already linked her blog above!

  6. Hey congrats on the much better job offer and that things are going along with the adoption process. I’m so excited for you to continue your journey this way. And please share info on your list of adoption blogs. I’m trying to start gathering an arsenal of current adoption bloggers (I keep finding awesome adoption blogs from years ago :().

    And how did I miss you being here in Cali?! lol I guess I’m just so used to people being on the other side of the country from me? 😉

    On Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 6:29 PM,

    • Ahhh! Another Cali girl! I must have missed that on your blog as well. I’m in Southern California, if you are around we should meet up sometime! In my about me there is a contact form that goes straight to my e-mail if you are interested 🙂

  7. Wow! You are one productive lady! So happy to hear all the positive changes happening in your life!!! Good luck with the home study and continuing with the adoption process. I’m very happy for you 🙂

  8. It’s sounds odd to say since it starts with you losing a job, but it really sounds like the tides are turning for you, and I’m so happy for you. I’m wishing you the best of luck and happiness as you start these two new journeys! 🙂

  9. Sometimes big changes can be exactly what’s needed- after all you’ve been through, you’re going to cruise your way through these big steps… All the way to motherhood:) I’m so excited and happy for you!
    I guess Im not an adoption blogger (at least not in the traditional sense and from the adoptive parent perspective), but I do have some experience with the process from all sides- as a birthmom and a social worker with agency experience. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    • Thank you Kate, I’ve read back on your posts about your experience and it has been super helpful to read about a birth mother’s story. I’m so thrilled for you and your new daughter as well!

  10. Wow!!! Talk about change lady! I’m glad the materials arrived (I would have been freaking out too) and equally glad that you guys are moving forward.

    Suggestions on adoption blogs:
    1) Lori Lavender Luz:
    2) SIF:
    3) Queen of the Slipstream:
    4) Kate’s: (birthmother perspective)

    I’ll send more as I think of them.

  11. We adopted in December and it was the best decision we ever made!!

  12. OMG! I followed your blog throughout my TTC process, but when I lost my daughter at only 20 weeks I fell off the map with reading blogs… I just checked your blog today and I am SO SO happy for you and your baby to be!

    First of all, have you and your hubby considered doing adoption “maternity” pics like this?:

    Second, I follow quite a few adoption blogs, here are some I love:

  13. Losing your job and dealing with a home study?? I think that would have sent me over the edge!

    I have a ton of adoption blogs that I love: (first mother)
    and mine (of course!)

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