Hi! I’m a drama queen

Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful comments on my post last night. They meant a lot.

I have officially calmed my ass down and now I feel like a huge drama queen. Last night I was feeling very emotional and vulnerable, so the whole situation seemed much worse and woe-is-me than it really is.

This morning I spoke with my adoption agency. I received 2 phone calls before 10 o’clock apologizing for the delay and with a perfectly reasonable explanation. They answered all my questions and put me back at ease with the confidence that our profile should start being shown within the next 2 weeks as long as J and I work our asses off on our scrapbook this weekend.

I also got an e-mail from our home study coordinator letting us know that the supervisor is signing off on the report tomorrow and then everything will be sent out to our agency. She verified the address that all the paperwork will be sent to so I am feeling confident that it will all be in the mail by the end of the week.

So yeah. Drama queen. Sorry about that.




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7 responses to “Hi! I’m a drama queen

  1. Yay for the news!!! And don’t beat yourself up. When things come to a halt and there’s no explanation, it’s enough to drive the best of us crazy. Good luck with putting the finishing touches on your adoption profile and fingers are crossed for more good news very soon!!!

  2. That was totally acceptable drama queen behavior! I’m glad things got sorted out with your agency and that you feel more secure abou your timeline.

  3. nonsequiturchica

    Your behavior was completely understandable. I’m glad that the agency got back to you and that you have a short timeline until your profile is shown!

  4. Oh please do not worry about being “dramatic.” I’m pretty sure after all you’ve been through with TTC, M/C & ADOPTING (all HUGE things so they get all caps lol!) everyone can understand you finding the end of your rope. Finalizing things seem to make me lose it the easiest. There’s always the fear that things won’t end up working out after so much NOT working out that panicking becomes a very normal response. I’m sososo glad it looks like everything is going smoothly after those big bumps and I’ll keep crossing my fingers about you getting your bebe soon. Hugs! And lmk when you wanna come up here so some thrift-store shopping. 😉

  5. Karaleen

    Sometimes you just have to put that frustration out to the Universe and let the drama queen out to get the ball rolling. I say it is more like a “mama queen”. You are already using your mama feelings and desires to influence your family….I say go for it!!!! And….so glad everything is moving again.

  6. I’m glad things are progressing now, but don’t apologize! The waiting is so hard!

  7. FWIW I don’t think you were a drama queen at all!

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