Today was my official last day of work. Which is extremely…surreal. I’ve had a job since I was 15 years old. The only time I didn’t was when I was in hair school but I was going to school 8-12 hours a day so it sure felt like a job. So the fact that I am done working for the foreseeable future is bizarre.

I’m very lucky that we are able to have me be a stay at home mom. It is something that we both feel good about and I am grateful that we have the means for me to stay home and take care of baby girl. I will be getting paid maternity leave for 6 weeks thanks to California State law (As will J!) and then I will be officially unemployed.

We will be heading out this weekend to make sure we arrive before baby girls arrival. Luckily we have family near where A is delivering so we will be able to stay with them before and after the baby is born. We will have to stay for around 2 weeks after the birth in order for Interstate Compact (ICPC) to grant us permission to take the baby to California. It will be great to have the help of my family those first weeks since we have no idea what we are doing.

We spoke to A again tonight and all seems to be going well. We were the ones who requested the phone call and apparently we freaked her out a bit. Usually the birth moms are the ones who initiate the calls but we just wanted to check in with her and make sure everything was going well. She thought that we were possibly backing out and it really made her worry. We assured her that we have no intention on backing out, that we are so excited and so ready for this little girl. Hopefully she feels better now that we’ve talked. I actually feel better knowing that she was so worried about us backing out. It just again reinforces to me that this is going to happen.

T minus 10 days till baby!




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10 responses to “Finished!

  1. Hooray!!!! Very excited for you!!!!

  2. So exciting! It must really be hitting you now that you’ve finished work. It will be so nice to have time to focus on getting ready for baby.

  3. Can’t believe how close you are to holding your daughter in your arms! So happy for you, Trisha!

  4. Wow this is huge! The countdown is really on now;) So excited for you!

  5. So very, very excited for you Trisha! Can’t wait to hear all about the birth and the first time you meet your little girl!!!

  6. Aw oh my Gosh it’s getting so close!!!

  7. I am so happy for you, and have loved following your journey! I can’t wait to see pictures and continue to follow! Congratulations!!!

  8. 35life

    What a great feeling!!! Congrats!!!

  9. Eeeek!!!!! Such exciting news Trisha! Can’t wait to hear everything and see pics!

    On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 6:57 PM,

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