2 Weeks Old

It is absolutely astounding how quickly these little beings worm their way into your heart. Muppet turned 2 weeks old yesterday and I am already having a hard time imagining our life without her. She is such an incredibly sweet, good baby. She rarely cries or fusses, has only spit up twice since being born (!) and is now starting to recognize J and I when we hold and speak to her.

Yesterday she had her 2 week checkup at the doctor. Her birth weight was 6lbs 1oz, which fell to 5lbs 14 oz by her 4 day checkup. I was anxiously awaiting to see how much our little bug had grown since she certainly has a healthy appetite. By 2 weeks doctors want babies to regain their birth weight and maybe a little extra. Our girl is apparently an overachiever though because she came in at 7lbs 1oz! The doctor was extremely happy with this and commented on what a healthy eater we had on our hands.

Today was my first baby shower. Something I wasn’t sure I was ever going to have. It was so neat to be surrounded by friends and family with my little girl in my arms. I may be tired and sleep deprived, but I’m also happier than I remember being in a long time. We were spoiled with gifts and it was just so special to see the outpouring of love being sent our way. Of course I’m a complete ditz and didn’t get any pictures but really, I will remember it forever.

We head home next week so for now I’m just trying to soak up all the time I have left with my family and with my baby girl. When we get home we will work on some eating and sleeping schedules. Its going to be an adjustment but one I am thrilled to make. I mean come on…look at that face! I am a little biased but she absolutely kills me with cuteness.




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16 responses to “2 Weeks Old

  1. You hit the jackpot, Momma! She is beautiful!!!

  2. what a sweet peaceful sleep! Her little features are just precious 🙂

  3. Congratulations! She’s perfect!

  4. Yay !!! Grow little one, GROW!!!

    So glad the baby shower was wonderful!

  5. Michelle

    So precious. I know you must be enjoying these moments.

  6. She’s amazing! We loved the wubanub.

  7. Na you are not biased at all. She is superbly adorable. I am so excited to read your blog on the adjustments and life you have once back home.

  8. roadtofertility

    Omg what a beauty!!! Congratulations!

  9. Karaleen

    Wow…what a beautiful baby girl you have there. Congratulations. I”m so glad all is going so well.

  10. nonsequiturchica

    She is adorable! Glad you had a great baby shower!

  11. I have enjoyed reading your blog, so I have “nominated” you for a Liebster Award! It’s a fun way to get to know newer bloggers (those with fewer than 200 followers). If you’d like to participate, go her for more info: http://raincamedown.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/the-liebster-award-lets-get-to-know-each-other/

  12. She’s gorgeous! So happy for you and your little family! ❤

  13. She is sooo cute! I just love her little face!

  14. She kills me with cuteness, too! What a little cutie-pie!

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