The Growing Pains

Over the past few weeks I’ve had to come to terms with something that I never thought would be so difficult to face: My baby is rapidly becoming a toddler.

I’ve always been a baby person. From the time I was a child I have been obsessed with infants. The way they smell, their tiny little features, the jagged movements of their newly discovered limbs, I love it all. I was also always surrounded by them so it just became a part of my world. I have 3 younger brothers and I am the 2nd oldest grandchild on both sides of my family. I have cousins young enough that they could be Muppet’s siblings. Babies are just a part of my world.

Some people wish they could skip the newborn phase and skip ahead to when children are walking and talking. Not me. If I could time freeze a newborn I think I would be very tempted to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I love toddlers and kids. They are so imaginative and watching them learn and discover the world is incredible. But there is something about snuggling a newborn that is so intoxicating for me.

Muppet is growing up quickly. She will be 9 months on Friday and already has 2 words (Mama and Dog). She crawls faster than I can chase her most of the time and stands up on everything. When she is feeling particularly brave she will take a few tiny steps with her walker. She can stand unassisted for 5-10 seconds. She is becoming extremely independent and will push your hands away if she doesn’t want to be held. She is now a child with her own thoughts and wants.

She still has her moments of ‘baby-ness’. At night before bed she always curls up on my chest and lays there so I can listen to her breath and smell the top of her head. If she falls she immediately crawls over to me for cuddles. Although she is starting to eat a lot of finger food she still is very dependent on her bottle so I get to hold her in my arms and feed her 3-4 hours. I treasure all these moments but there is a part of me that misses the days that I didn’t need these moments in order to snuggle with my baby.

Today she had an allergic reaction (eggs) and it was absolutely terrifying. She broke out in hives and her eyes became swollen and bloodshot. I rushed her to an urgent care and they took good care of her. The reaction never affected her breathing which I am grateful for. We gave her some allergy medication and I watched as she fell asleep in my arms, something that hasn’t happened in a very long time. I’m so grateful for this little girl. If anything ever happened to her I don’t know what I would do, she is my world. So even though I miss her being my teeny tiny baby and sometimes my feelings get a bit hurt when she doesn’t want to sit on my lap, I wouldn’t change a thing about her for the world.

Now she is sleeping soundly in her crib after 2 projectile vomiting incidences. I am emotionally drained, smell faintly of vomit, and incredibly in love with my child. Keep growing my little girl, but maybe try to slow it down just a bit so I can make sure to drink in every moment of your life.




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16 responses to “The Growing Pains

  1. I feel similarly about toddlerhood – glad it isn’t just me! When we were going through infertility I always imagined myself with a baby and then it kinda jumped to an older age. Toddlerhood was and is a bit difficult for me to imagine. Should be interesting!

  2. Muppet is SO crazy cute. Seriously. I’m just in awe of all that she can do to be honest with you. No wonder you feel like your little one is close to being a toddler – she’s moving through it all so fast! Your post is one I will try to focus on when I’m so wishing my 10.5 month old twins would just….get to that next phase. They don’t move around yet in any fashion, no words, etc, etc. And sometimes I find myself growing impatient. So thank you for the reminder. Eggs – we haven’t tried them yet. Was it baked in something or like scrambled? Poor baby!

    • It was a yolk only omelette. She has had things like muffins where there was egg baked in before and never had a reaction so I’m not really sure what is going on. For now we are going to avoid all eggs and get food allergy testing to see what comes up.

      • My girl also has an egg allergy but she is fine if it’s baked in something like muffins or pancakes our allergist told us that baking it changes something in the egg and there are times that someone can be allergic to egg but be okay with baked egg so if Muppet tests positive to egg on the skin test I wouldn’t rule out baked egg but of course talk to your doctor. So scary though but I feel so much better now knowing exactly what my girls allergies are and what to avoid.

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  4. I’ve had 2 infants through foster care, so toddlerhood is new and not just a little challenging. My 14 month old is rarely my sweet baby and has moved into testing boundaries and pushing limits. I can’t believe I have to discipline and set limits, where is my baby??

  5. She’s gorgeous! Sorry to hear about the allergy incident. That is terrifying. I’m glad you shared that though, because I’ve been tempted to give A&L a bite of my pancakes before. Glad she’s on the mend!

  6. She is sooo cute! I’m so glad the allergy wasn’t more serious, that is so scary!

  7. I feel the same. I have always been a baby person. I love every bit of their soft newborn cuddliness and I don’t understand people at all who want to skip the newborn stage. It’s a beautiful time! But even though Tru wants nothing to do with being cuddled anymore, I am loving him being able to communicate with me a little more through body language. It is pretty sweet. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Muppet is so pretty by the way.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. She is TOO CUTE. I adore toddlerhood myself. I’m firmly in the babies-are-nice-but-kind-of-boring camp.

  9. I feel your pain. The girls turn one next week, and I am so sad. I love who they are becoming, but I already ache for their cuddly babiness!

  10. J

    Oh each stage has so many wonderful moments. I know you’ll love being a toddler mom too. When your little one puckers up when you say, “Give momma a kiss,” your heart will melt and you’ll think this must be the best stage ever. And with walking brings the excitement of new outings, and new adventures for you all to share.

  11. Your baby is beautiful! I think I missed the newborn phase because I was so afraid of what I was doing. I am realizing my baby will soon be too big to hold or too squirmy to hold and it makes me sad, too. However, I love all the new things and communicating with him is the best!! His personality is really coming out too!

  12. Heather

    Hi Trisha! My name is Heather and I was wondering if you would be willing to answer my question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Heather – I’m so sorry I’m just barely seeing this comment. I’d be happy to answer any questions. If you go to my about me section there is an area that you can write to me that goes straight to my e-mail. I’ll be sure to answer as soon as possible!

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