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Mobility – A blessing and a curse

Babies are wonderful. They are squishy and cuddly and they smell SO good. But eventually that squishy, cuddly, smell-good baby starts to turn into a wild, get-into-everything toddler.

I’m using this as my excuse as to why I haven’t posted lately. Muppet is an adventurous little girl who requires my constant attention or else she leaves disaster in her wake.

She is now a speedy little crawler and can stand unsupported. She is still a little hesitant to pick up her feet but I have a feeling that as soon as she does it, there will be no stopping her. She longs to run around with the other kids at play groups and definitely could use the exercise to beat out some of that endless supply of energy that she seems to have.

One one hand as soon as she is walking it will enable us to do a lot more outings during the day. Right now she doesn’t do well at places like the park because when she is crawling she tends to eat everything in sight so most of the time is spent me taking things away from her. She also is one of the youngest in the play groups I attend so a lot of activities are geared to kids a little older than her so she tends to get trampled.

On the other hand as soon as she is walking it will be the END. OF. THE. WORLD. Not only because I feel like it will be the last bit of her babyhood slipping away but also because I know she is going to be that much more wild. I get tired even thinking about it. Today she decided her pacifier needed to learn how to swim…in the toilet. Total parenting fail.

Sigh. These days I have a constant battle raging inside me. I want to keep her my little baby forever but I also want her to grown and develop into the amazing little person I know she is destined to be. Although I will say, she has recently started sleeping 11+ hours through the night and that is one thing that I am happy to continue.

10 months old and counting. Ack time goes fast.




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