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Better late than never

On thing that J and I have always wanted to teach our child(ren) was the importance of going outside and physical fitness. Well it is no secret that this is not exactly my strong point in life. I was raised in a couch potato manner, one that I have become very accustomed to. Not to mention I’ve never been in the greatest shape.

I realized that in order to teach Muppet these things, I was going to have to walk the walk and start working out. Remember eons ago when I started Couch 2 5k and was never able to complete it because I got pregnant with MB? Well on Monday night, over 2 years later I finally reached my goal and finished the program. Well kinda. Am I running a 5k? Not even close because as it turns out I’m the worlds slowest runner! But I was able to run 30 minutes straight, something that I have never done in my life, which turned out to be 2 miles at my pace. The best was on the final night when I got home J immediately asked how it went while holding Muppet. I told him I had finished and Muppet started clapping! I know it was a coincidence, she had no idea why she was clapping but I’d like to think she is proud of her Mama.

Now I’m still running but trying to increase my pace so that maybe one day I can run that 5k in a reasonable time. I’d also like to get up the endurance so I can pack Muppet into her jogging stroller and take her along for the ride. I want to show her that being active is good and hopefully I can avoid her being as much as a couch potato as I am. We are 3 weeks away from her 1st birthday much to my dismay. She is such a bright child and I know she picks up on everything that is going on around her. Doing my best to be a good example, and it doesn’t hurt that I’m bettering myself at the same time.




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