#MicroblogMondays: The scent of a child

I didn’t get it before I was a parent. You know how people say they love the smell of their child’s head? It seemed weird to me. Sure I knew babies smelled good but I thought it was just the lotion or hair product that you put on them, I didn’t get the whole ‘my baby has their own smell’ thing.

But, Oh. My. God. Muppet’s smell. I can’t get enough of it. I swear you could give 100 babies a blanket to sleep with and then give them all to me and I would be able to tell you which one Muppet slept on. And it’s not her lotion or hair product, those smell good too, but her smell is so much more. At night when I go into her room to check on her before I go to bed I open the doors and I’m enveloped by her scent, her whole room smells like yummy baby goodness. Sometimes I just sit and smell her blanket. Yup, I’m that weirdo now.




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8 responses to “#MicroblogMondays: The scent of a child

  1. Nope, not a weirdo! You’re a mom! I love the smell of my kids!

  2. Haha! Just five minutes ago I convinced my ten year old to give me a hug and a buried my whole face in his hair so I could breathe him in. He is my favourite scent in the world. 🙂 you’re no weirdo…it’s just a mom thing!

  3. Tru has never had a very powerful scent. Except poo lol. I’ve smelled a lot of babies that do though and I love that yummy baby smell. 🙂

  4. Mel

    Not a weirdo 🙂 Just someone with a big, full heart.

    The twins smell different yet they use the same shampoo, etc. So I agree, each kid has their own scent that has nothing to do with what they use.

  5. I do that. I couldn’t even tell you what it smells like it just gives me a rush of love.

  6. Such a sweet post 🙂

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