Microblog Monday: Halloween

Last year on Halloween Muppet was nothing more than a cute little lump. I spent weeks making her costume really to no end. We got some cute pictures, took her to daddy’s work to show her off and then it was done. While I’m glad I did it, I knew this year I needed to be a bit smarter with my costuming.

Muppet has recently developed a hatred of anything on her head. If I dare to try to put something on top her cute little noggin she immediately rips it off. Do you know how hard it is to plan a Halloween costume that requires no head-gear? Very. However I finally decided on a lady bug. I even managed to wrangle some pipe cleaner around some of her hair to for antenna. Over all the costume was MUCH easier than last year, and we got a lot more use from it. We had 2 different Halloween parties with various mommy groups and then of course trick or treating, which was nothing more than her running around the mall at warp speed and us chasing her. She had no interest in stopping for candy.

It was fun. She is growing so quickly and we are getting to experience so many new things with her lately. Hope all of you had a pleasant and spooky holiday as well!




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6 responses to “Microblog Monday: Halloween

  1. So stinking cute! What a doll!

  2. Awww, how cute!!! and a great solution for the headgear!

  3. Oh my goodness, she is so cute!!!!

  4. A bundle of energy this lady bug seems to be! 🙂

  5. Mel

    So cute! Did you make the costume? You did a fabulous job.

  6. Love the Lady Bug costumes! Those are too cute. Thanks for sharing!

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