New year, good year

2014 is gone. It was without a doubt the fastest year of my life. It was the first year that Muppet has been alive for the full 12 months. My days turned into story books, kissing dollies, going to the park and nap schedules. It was the best.

Muppet is now 16 months old and quite a little firecracker. She is one of the sweetest children with the happiest disposition I’ve ever seen. She is full of smiles and laughter. She loves her baby dolls and is constantly hugging them while saying “awww” and patting their little heads. Despite all the she is quite stubborn and dramatic when she doesn’t get her way. She signs “more” all day long and if you say “no” to what she is asking for, the motions get bigger and bigger until she finally melts to the ground in anger. Tantrums shouldn’t be allowed to be that cute.

Now that she is getting older we have had to start making decisions about how we want to proceed with building our family. We have always known that we wanted more than one child. In the early days, before infertility, we had decided on 3-4 kids. Now we are very certain that 2 is going to be our number. I can’t imagine going through more than 2 adoptions. Not only is it too expensive, but the emotional stuff starts to add up quickly. Because we will only be having 2 children, we very much want them to be close in age. 2 years would be our ideal, but that is coming up really quickly. We are aiming for no more than 3 years apart now.

We are hoping to start the adoption process sometime within the next few months. We need to renew our homestudy, which supposedly is not nearly as hard or costly, before we can start the matching process again. I really don’t know what to expect this time around. We will again be pursing trans-racial adoption and hope to get another african-american baby so that Muppet has a family member who looks like her. The fact that we already have a black child could majorly help us. Or birth moms could lean more towards other couples who don’t already have children. It could go either way. I know we will get picked, but it is impossibly to know how long it will take.

I am both incredibly excited and terrified at the thought of another child. I know Muppet will be an awesome big sister but I also think of all the things that are going to be so much harder when there are 2 kids to take care of. 2 nap schedules, 2 night-time issues, 2 different personalities, ect. It is definitely going to be a challenge. But having a baby again is going to be so incredible. I love watching Muppet grow and learn but toddlerhood has come full force to our house and it isn’t always easy. Over the holidays Muppet had her Dad and my mom at her disposal at all times so she decided she never wanted me. If I tried to hold her she would struggle and cry until Daddy or Grandma rescued her. It was incredibly hard on me. But I know it was just the novelty of having someone other that Mom around to give you all their attention. Now that we are back home she is my girl again. Those baby hugs are worth all the tantrums in the world.

I hope that we get as lucky the second time around as we did the first. Although at the moment it is hard to imagine any child topping the one I have right now. I wish you all a wonderful new year and hope all of your dreams come true.





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7 responses to “New year, good year

  1. She is so beautiful, Trisha! Wishing you lots of luck and patience, and a heart that can handle it all, as you move forward with another adoption!

  2. How wonderful! It warms my heart to think of your family expanding. πŸ™‚ I bet you will find the process better with experience.

  3. I’m smack in the middle of the adoption world at the moment and seeing the requests of birth mothers on a semi-weekly basis. I’d say, in general, they lean towards families without kids… except when the baby is full African American, then they tend to want another African American child in the home. It sounds like since you’re specifically looking for a trans-racial adoption, and hoping for another African American baby, that your wait won’t be too long. I’ve also heard that updating the home study isn’t as bad as the initial approval, so hoping that proves true! Best of luck getting the process started in the coming months!

  4. Sending you luck and peace and patience and all those things you need for round 2!!!

  5. She’s beautiful. I wish you all the best as you continue to build your family. I hope the adoption process goes fast and easy this time. πŸ™‚

  6. Tales of a Twin Mombie

    Absolutely beautiful!

  7. She is so freaking cute! Good luck on getting the process started for #2 – the idea of two kids overwhelms me too, even though two is our plan!

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