Toddler Territory

Thank you for all of the advice on my last post. I thought a lot about it and consulted with a few other moms I know, and I’ve decided that for now I’m going to let it go. Muppet is only 17 months old so I really don’t feel like I should be putting all this pressure on myself to remove the binky from her life. I’m going to relax about it and re-evaluate the situation when we are closer to two.

One of the main reasons I feel like this needs to wait is the tantrum situation is in full swing at our house right now. I feel like Muppet went from being a baby to being a toddler in a span of a week. There are so many wonderful things about toddlers. The way they learn new things is memorizing and I love watching her little brain pick up things that are going on around her. But the tantrums are hard. Even harder because as of right now Muppet has absolutely no understanding of the word “no”. She laughs at me every time I say it. I really don’t know what to do about it other than hope in time she will start to understand that when I say that to her there is a reason.

The biggest issue we are having is throwing food. Every time she is in her high chair she throws her food and laughs. It isn’t because she is not hungry or doesn’t like the food, she just thinks it is funny. I’m trying to implement the whole ‘if your throwing your food you must be done’ thing but so far it isn’t working. She gets down to play and then wants to eat food off of mine or J’s plate. But she won’t eat food in her high chair. On top of that, she isn’t gaining weight very well lately. Every appointment we drop in the percentiles more and more. She is an active kid so I understand why this is happening, but it makes it really hard to deprive her of food.

Now that she is getting older, though, I can finally start doing more planned activities with her. In the past she hasn’t been too interested in stuff because she would rather run around. But yesterday we did our first sensory box! She has SO much fun, as did I. I was a little nervous that because we were doing it on the balcony where we keep bikes and stuff that she would show no interest in the box but she surprised me. When I took her outside she went straight for the box and played with it the whole time without me needing to redirect her at all.

I can’t wait to find more activities like this to do with her in the future. Not only does it keep her busy for part of the afternoon, but I feel like she is the type of kid who has fewer tantrums when she is on a structured schedule. She has always done well with structure so I know I need to push to give us a little more of that now that she is growing up. It is really amazing how fast these little creatures change and grow. I want to be a good mom and sometimes I really need to remind myself that she needs my guidance. It is really easy for me to fall into a bit of ‘laziness’ with staying at home and playing with her. Toddler needs to run and be free!

Anyways this is mostly just me babbling. Things are changing so much in our house right now and I’m just trying to keep up with it all. I love this little girl so much. I love that she now calls me “Mommy” instead of just “Ma”. It really hits me that I have a kid and that I am her whole world. Me. That is mind-blowing, but also incredibly cool.




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4 responses to “Toddler Territory

  1. This stage is incredibly hard. I know, I just went through it. 16 to 21 months sucked in a lot of ways. Then they start to act more human. My daughter sounds so much like yours. And the food throwing! For months made me crazy! I gave her a bite at a time. If she threw it, I waited for her to ask for more (sign in her case). I also had to put her at the table (out of the high chair), and give her identical plates to mine. Turns out, she didn’t want to be a “baby” anymore and was more involved when she felt like one of us. I gave her silverware, and learning to use it became a fun game. And I involved her in food prep… Letting her stir, or press microwave buttons, whatever. So finally it got better! Although now her thing is trying to give it to the dog, lol. Make sure she gets snacks that are “fun ” to eat in between meals. Like squeeze pouches if she likes those, or crackers in the nknslill cups for the challenge of getting pieces out, squeezy yogurts… And yes! My daughter needed constant activity at this age! We did swimming at the Y, and gymnastics centers that have preschool playtime are still a favorite! Baby music classes, library baby groups, and kids hands on museums! Lastly, at 18 months I put her in three hours of daycare at an early learning center twice a week. She learned how to sit at a table to eat and do activities and participate in group activities. She also burned off lots of energy! Now she goes full day twice a week, which is all I can afford. The structure and new stimulating activities keep her mind and body happy, and I wish I could afford to send her more!

  2. I agree with you completely about how fascinating it is to watch toddlers learn about their world. It’s like they are aliens from another planet or something, haha! My nephew is in full blown toddlerhood and he’s such a hoot, even when he is in a bad mood – because the things that upset him are beyond ridiculous XD I’m sure I won’t find it so funny when I am “Mommy” instead of “Aunt”.

  3. I feel like I was reading a lot about my own child & my own thoughts! Definitely following. My son is 14 months, doesn’t understand no, throws food (I also try to use the method ‘if you’re throwing food, you’re done’, but that is usually the case with him).

  4. I really like this book–24-Month-Old/dp/0440506727/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1423246040&sr=1-1&keywords=your+one+year+old

    In it they talk about this time all kids of of “disequilibrium” that typically happens around their half birthday. Basically it’s just another time of lots of growth and change which leads to tantrums and challenging behavior. We are currently living it again with my almost 2 1/2 year old. While it doesn’t offer tons of advice (honestly I wasn’t looking for that) it really helped me realize what my kid was doing while challenging was totally developmentally normal. And I totally agree with allmyprettyones I would try and switch up how you are presenting her food and see if there’s a change.

    But of course just like anything with kids don’t get too comfy with anything because they will switch it up on you as soon as you do.

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