Growing Up

Most days I’m so sad about how fast Muppet is growing up. Every time I have to clean out her dressers to clear out the clothes that no longer fit her I die a little inside. I miss her tiny little body cuddled up against mine and how she used to stretch and wiggle because that was the only way she could move. But then there are days that my heart just bursts with pride on how smart she is becoming. Today was one of those days.

She constantly amazes me with how much she understands. As we were driving home from some errands I glanced in the review mirror to check on her and I saw her singing ‘Itsy-Bitsy Spider’ to herself. It was all jumbled words and the only way I could tell it was that song was watching her do all the actions to herself in her mirror (she is rear facing and has a mirror on back of the headrest so we can see her). My heart just about melted at the sight. She knew exactly what she was singing even if she didn’t know the words.

She is also starting to do more of actual playing, rather than just sticking things in her mouth. This morning we made a little bed for her baby doll and she was so enamored with putting the baby to bed and then waking her up. She would cover her with the blanket and give her a bottle. Later after her nap and her afternoon snack I asked her what she wanted to drink, milk or juice? She looked right at me and said “Ummmm…” then signed milk. I about died. She is developing opinions and making decisions. Where did my baby go?!?




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  1. She left baby land just like mine did, but I too enjoy seeing the changes in their personalities. I was trying to encourage Miles to say “bubbles” instead of “more” and be more specific, and he started to throw a tantrum. The dogs began play fighting and he stopped crying, mid tantrum, and said “dog, stop it”. I almost died laughing.

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