Microblog Monday: Jumping through hoops

Man, I had forgotten home much doing a home study sucks. In the midst of trying to coordinate a state to state move I am also trying to bang out all our home study paperwork so that as soon as we get to Seattle we are able to start with the social worker visits. J and I both have a 5 page form to fill out with ‘basic’ information about ourselves. But on top of that we both have a bibliography that is 14 pages long that we have to type up. 14 pages. I worked on it for over an hour last night and I’m still not finished. I mean I get that they need to make sure an adoptive family if going to be a healthy and happy home to place a child in and they need to make sure we are sane and all, but to be honest this process is making me a bit insane! I am just trying to focus on the fact that this is all a means to the end. In June I’m going to have a beautiful baby and this will all be worth it. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go answer more questions about my childhood.




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5 responses to “Microblog Monday: Jumping through hoops

  1. 14 pages!?!?!?! Wow. That’s just insane. I agree that they are being careful, but there are times one has to wonder if the end goal is just making more money for processing said paperwork. Hang in there. The end is definitely in sight.

  2. Mel

    14 pages is a lot. Do they at least guide you in making a highlights reel? Because I’m not even sure what would be of interest from my childhood.

  3. Oh home studies. Totally get it. Paper labor.

    As far as you moving, we live quite close to Seattle. We love it!

    Let me know if you have any questions once you are set up in Seattle! Good luck with the home study

  4. mlong3019

    Wow that is insane! You’ll need a hand massage after that!

  5. Man I feel like if you pass one home study you shouldn’t be required to go through a second!

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