Another reason to hate April’s Fools Day

I’ve always hated April’s Fools Day, ever since I was young. I hate being the butt of other people’s jokes and I am far from a merry prankster. But infertility took my hate of this day to a whole new level. To be far social media is a huge part of the problem too. I dread waking up this day and opening up Facebook to see all the “joke” pregnancy announcements. Even though I knew they likely weren’t real, every single one of them was a punch to the gut. I never thought that anything would annoy me more but the past two years have proven me wrong.

My newest pet peeve about this day: People who make posts on April’s Fools Day telling people NOT to make fake pregnancy announcements.

My reasoning behind this is, at least from my experience, the people who make these posts saying how insensitive it is have absolutely no experience with infertility. Maybe this shouldn’t bug me but it really does. I mean it is good that people are starting to understand that infertility is extremely difficult emotionally, but it always seems like it is the ones who got pregnant ‘without trying’ that point this out. This almost feels like a double slap in the face to me. Is this completely irrational of me? I’m not sure that my anger even makes sense in my own mind. But whenever I see those posts I immediately feel rage boil inside of me.

So what do you guys think? Am I crazy here or is this a good thing that people are doing?




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5 responses to “Another reason to hate April’s Fools Day

  1. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it’s good to raise awareness. But I also would be annoyed for the reason you stated. It’s hard to have someone who has never lived through this preaching to others. So bit mixed.

    And I hat April Fool’s day too.

  2. I think its good they are raising awareness and doing our job because we are too drowned in our sorrow to canvas it to the world. But yes, it stings.

  3. Reading this just made me so happy I am one of the 12 people left in the world without Facebook (I had it up until a few years ago when I deleted out of annoyance over something that I don’t even remember). 🙂

  4. Christine

    Thank you! I can ignore the fake pregnancy announcements (which there were none this year) but to have completely fertile people post the reminder is what stings. It’s like they are taking pity on me, or others, and that gets under my skin more than anything.

  5. Paula

    This is my first time commenting–I really enjoy your blog. I saw a couple of those “don’t post fake announcement” posts, but both were by people who have struggled with infertility. I guess the concern I have is that when it comes down to it, we really may not know who has/does struggle. Not everyone does it publicly (we didn’t), and sometimes people who were able to get pregnant easily have people close to them who weren’t. I usually just figure that they have been affected in some way by infertility, whether their own or someone else’s. Or that they are trying to be considerate, which is kind of refreshing (and at least–for me–it’s not a fake pregnancy announcement).

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