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MB has a heartbeat!

It was amazing. I didn’t expect to be so emotional but as soon as the doctor said the words “I see the heartbeat” I broke down in tears. We saw and heard MB’s amazing little heart working away. Today I am 6+3 weeks and MB was measuring at 6+1. BUT I also ovulated on CD 16 rather than CD 14 so that puts us bang on track. Heartbeat was 108 bpm. Doc mentioned it was a little slow but that it was normal because it is so early. Every chart I’ve found says the HB is right where is should be for the beginning of the 6th week.

I think the socks that Toni sent me came with a lot of good luck.

He also took a good look at my ovary to see if he could find the follicle the pregnancy came from. Normally the follicle will be enlarged and look much like a cyst because it is producing progesterone to support the pregnancy. He could not find my follicle. Which means (as I’ve ALWAYS suspected) my ovaries do not produce enough progesterone to support a pregnancy without a supplement. This both makes me nervous and vindicated. So now my progesterone supplement is my lifeline. So far it has been doing its job well but I will most likely have weekly blood checks to make sure that my progesterone remains as high as it has been so far. I will get the results of today’s blood draw tomorrow and that will determine if I increase my dosage or not.

I am incredibly grateful to have gotten this far…but I know we are far from out of the woods. So for now I’m just going to try to relax and relive the moment when I heard that beautiful little thump thump.

Next scan is next Tuesday to check growth and make sure the heart rate is rising. Thank you all so much for your support thus far, you guys are my life line, especially since to the rest of the world I am still stubbornly not pregnant.



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My 100th Post!

Please, please hold the applause! No really…you are to kind!

In all seriousness I’m surprised you all have listened to me whine for 100 posts. So really applause to you! But I wanted to do something kind of fun for my 100th post so I present to you – the weird search results that lead people to this blog! I always love checking these and a lot of them make me laugh. So without further ado…

yoga is judgemental – Yeah…I don’t know what to say about this one.

I’m really paranoid I’m infertile – Join the club sister.

Sad my birthday 12/1 – I’m sorry you’re sad! Birthdays are happy! HAPPY!

I’m not celebrating anything that happens on the 14th – Who spit in your Valentines Day chocolates?

I really want him to take off my panties – Why was this googled?!?! TELL HIM THAT AND GET OFF THE INTERNET

picture of foot that never wore shoes – Dirty? Lots of callous’? I’m not sure.

“scratch my * all day” itching – I like this one because of the quotations and star. I’m confused as to what it means.

water to shrink left over ovarian follicles – Why didn’t I think of that? Drink water, get rid of cysts! So simple!

ruptured cysts making me very sick – Sucks don’t it?

rainbow stripe on pelvic ultrasound – My ultrasounds are never in color! I’m getting ripped off!

twins too overwhelming to announce – I’ll take them and announce!

how does lilly make marshell’s scrambled eggs on how i met your mother – Well, let me tell you…

the history of all saints eve – Back in the day there were these saints…okay I really don’t know.

ovaries why you hurt so much – Because they are EVIL!

infertility advertisement – That’s right. I sold out.

and finally my personal favorite:

true thoughts of don – I can’t even…I just can’t, I’m laughing to hard.

Whew! Good times!

I also wanted to let you know that I know I am behind on the photo challenge. The thing is I am actually sitting in the airport right now about to go to my friend’s wedding. So in all honesty I don’t want to worry about it. So I’m calling it good for me this month. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed it. I will leave you with one last photo, the one I was saving for the last day “complete”.

March is not complete without a Mustache!

Thanks for sticking with me everyone! Love you all!


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Photo Challenge Day 26

Prompt: Drink

I’m a total Coke addict. I admit it, really I should be going to meetings. It’s not just the caffeine for me it is almost a comfort thing. Whenever I am upset or not feeling well J asks if he should go get me a Coke. Of course the answer is always yes. I’ve tried giving it up before but I always am drawn back. I figure as soon as I get pregnant I’ll be able to give it up for good because at least I’ll get a baby out of it.


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Photo Challenge Day 25

Prompt: Sparkle


For 4 years off and on I worked at Nordstrom in the cosmetics department. I’m a total makeup junkie and have quite an extensive collection, these little glitter pots are so fun for a night out to give a little sparkle, but these days I hardly wear eye shadow. No need to be all fancy when you work with snot-nosed kids all day.


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Photo Challenge Day 24

Prompt: Hug

This is an older picture but it is the perfect example of our hugs. They aren’t actually hugs they are squeezies. And when you get one you have to go “Squuuuuueeeeeezzzzzeeeee!”.


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Photo Challenge Day 23

Prompt: Move

Today I got take a break from my desk and run an errand to the post office to send out a bunch of flyers that we have going out. Got TOTALLY lost but it was nice to take a little time away from work. I also got to push around these nifty little carts to move the mail from my car to the bins. I felt like a mailman and a pretty awesome one at that.


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Photo Challenge Day 22

Prompt: Market

For our anniversary last year J and I went to Seattle because he has always had a bit of a crush on that city and I had never been. Ultimately it is where he says he wants to end up so I guess we will see. But we had a great time exploring and walking around the city. Of course we went to the market and it was amazing. I LOVE seafood but J hates it so I was in heaven surrounded by all the fishyness. Too bad I still didn’t get to eat any. It sure looked good though!



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