Infertility History

December 2010 – Came off of Birth Control. Went 107 days without a period.


April 2011– Pelvic Ultrasound confirms Polycystic Ovary Syndrome with more than 15 cysts on each ovary.

May 2011 – First Cycle on Clomid. 50 mg taken Cycle Days 5-9. Day 23 blood results show no ovulation. Provera started at the end of June to induce period.

July 2011– Second Cycle on Clomid. 100 mg taken Cycle Days 5-9. Day 23 blood test shows no ovulation. Temperature charting confirms ovulation on CD 24. Can not get in to confirm with blood test due to travelling.

August 2011 – Third Cycle on Clomid. 100 mg taken Cycle Days 3-7 hopefully to move up ovulation. Temperature charting confirms ovulation on CD21. Day 25 blood tests shows no ovulation. Confusion ensues.

Doctor says there is nothing more they can do for us and sends us to a Infertility Specialist.

HSG test done to confirm tubes are open and clear. All goes well both tubes appear fine and healthy.

September 2011 – First meeting with our RE. Pelvic ultrasound confirms PCOS. With one over mature follicle on each ovary. Left = 21mm Right =19mm. Given provera to induce new cycle and hopefully shrink follicles.

Doctor reviews HSG images and is concerned about a possible polyp in the uterus. Schedules a water sonogram test to confirm.

October 2011 – Follow up pelvic exams show follicle on left ovary has completely disappeared. The one on the right ovary has grown to 25mm and gained a friend at 22mm. Put on birth control to suppress the hormones and help reduce follicle size.

Water Sonogram show no polyps in Uterus. Everything is clear and good. Just waiting to finish off birth control to get the ball rolling again.

Finally finish BC! Follow up scan shows cysts have all gone away. We are good to start the next cycle of treatment.

28th – Start 100 mg of Clomid CD 2-10. Planning to do an HCG shot and IUI.

November 2011 – CD 8 Scan = 12mm follicle on right side. No other follicles. 4mm lining. Talk of canceling cycle due to lack of response.

CD 10 scan = 12mm follicle on right side. No growth since previous scan. Lining as thinned further, so thin that they can not measure it. Most likely will cancel cycle. Meeting with the doctor on CD 14 for final scan and to discuss options.

CD 14 scan = SURPRISE! 3 follicles on right side (15, 13, 12) and 1 on left (13). Line has gotten thicker but is still only at 4mm. Starting Estrogen to hopefully help it along.  Follow up scan to come on CD 16 and hopefully a trigger and IUI within the week!

CD 16 scan =Follicles are great! 3 on the right (20,18,18) and one on the left (18). But lining is very thin at 5.44. Doctor wants to see where my E2 levels are at to determine if we should still go ahead with the cycle. I proceed to break down in tears. E2 levels come back excellent, he predicts that I will ovulate on my own within  a few days. Because lining is so thin we decide to forgo IUI and just do timed intercourse.

CD 19 = Ovulated. Let the TWW begin!

31 day cycle, 12 day LP = BFN.

December 2011 –  Taking the month off.

CD 8 – Sent to the ER with sever abdominal pain. Tests show a 12 cm ruptured cyst. Sent home to recover and spend the next 6 days lying in bed in pain.

CD 15 – 1 Week past rupture. Scan shows the big one has gotten down to 6cm, but I also have 2 other cysts at 5 cm that have not ruptured. Ordered to be extremely careful and avoid any heavy activity (including the baby dance) for the next 2 weeks in order to keep cysts from rupturing.

CD 26 – 1 1/2 Weeks past rupture. Scan shows 2 right cyts 5.5cm and 4 cm. Left cyst at 5 cm. Cleared to resume normal physical activity but told we can’t do any infertility treatments for 2-3 months. Scan scheduled for the end of February. Merry Christmas to me.

12/27 – Met with Adoption Agent to discuss the possibility of transracial adoption.

12/30- Met with a new RE to get a second opinion on our medical history and future.

12/31 – What?!?!?! Aunt Flo arrived without any medical intervention for the first time since we went off birth control. 35 day cycle!


January 2012 – Start Metformin to hopefully regulate cycles.

January 14th – Went to the ER in sever abdominal pain. Right ovary was 3x the normal size and had suffered from Torsion (twisted around 5 times) and had no blood flow. Had to have a laparoscopy to remove right ovary and tube.

For the 2nd cycle in a row I ovualted on my own around CD 20. 35 day Cycle.

February 2012 –  Ovulated around CD 19 with a 31 day cycle. First cycle we’ve been able to try since the surgery. BFN.

March 2012 – Ovulated CD 22. 4th Cycle I’ve ovulated on my own in a row. 2nd that we have been able to TTC since the surgery.

April 9th 2012 – BFP @ 13 DPO!

Beta #1 (15 DPO) HCG =65 Progesterone=14.9 – Starting progesterone supplements 2x per day

Beta #2 (17 DPO) HCG=114 Progesterone=40.3 – Doubling time of 50 hours!

Beta #3 (20 DPO) HCG=360 Progesterone=49.4 – Doubling time of 44 hours!

5+4 weeks = Sent to the ER due to some blood coming from cervix. HCG level = 937 – doubling time of 78 hours. Diagnosed with Threatened Miscarriage. 50% chance that the pregnancy will not make it.

6 weeks = Started passing clots. Miscarriage imminent. HCG level =1212 Follow up exam and consultation scheduled for later in the week.

Miscarriage confirmed @ 6+3 Weeks

May 2012 – Mostly just waiting for HCG levels to get back to zero.

May 26th, 2012= First period about 5 weeks after confirmed miscarriage.

June 2012 – First cycle trying since miscarriage. Ovulate on CD 16! The earliest I’ve ever O’d.

June 23rd, 2012 – BFP @ 13 DPO!

Beta #1 (15 DPO)- HCG = 233 Progesterone =38.9

Beta #2 (17 DPO)- HCG=649 Progesterone =40.1 Doubling time of 32 hours!

July 2012 – 1st scan @ 6+3 weeks. Measuring at 6+1 weeks (right on since I ovulated on CD 16) with 108 bpm.

August 2012 – Scan at 9+6 weeks shows no heartbeat and measuring only at 8+6 weeks. D&C scheduled with chromosomal testing.

September 2012- D&C results show 46XY. A normal male fetus. My heart breaks.

Chemical pregnancy discovered at 9DPO even though we were not “trying” this cycle. I am now apparently classified as a fertile-infertile. We are now “officially” in the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss diagnosis.

RPL panels all come back normal. We have no idea why I keep losing our babies.

Chemical pregnancy is finally resolved but there is a small pool of blood in my uterus so I have to take Methergine to contract and expel the blood. Good times keep on coming.

October 2012 –  Ovulate late on CD 23. Begin Progesterone and Lovenox.

November 2012 – BFP @12 DPO.

Beta #1 (13 DPO) –  HCG = 18 Progesterone =14. Up prometrium to 2x a day.

Beta #2 (15 DPO) –  HCG= 42. Doubling time of 39 hours. Progesterone=50.8

Beta #3 (21 DPO) – HCG= 286. Doubling time of 52 hours. Progesterone=19. Heavy bleeding  begins.

Beta #4 (5weeks 6 days) – HCG= 1190 Doubling time of 70 hours.

December 2012

Ultrasound at 6 weeks 1 day confirms no sac; miscarriage #4.

Beta at 7 weeks 1 day shows a still rising HCG level at 4800. Emergency ultrasound confirms ectopic pregnancy. Methotrexate shot given to try to save my remaining tube.

4 days past shot – HCG = 5300

6 days past shot – HCG = 3800

11 days past shot – HCG = 1200

14 days past shot – HCG = 500

December 21st, 2012 (15 days past Methotrexate) – Go to the ER with severe pain. Ultrasound shows internal bleeding. Suspected ruptured Ectopic pregnancy. Laparoscopic surgery performed. Blood clot on the outside of my tube removed which was causing the bleeding. The tube had not ruptured and was left alone, however the surgeon says it is “funny” shaped and that if we tried again to get pregnant naturally it would most likely end up Ectopic.

January 2013

2 weeks past surgery: HCG = 31

19 days past surgery: HCG = 13

4 weeks past surgery: HCG = 0

Start birth control pills with the intention of avoiding pregnancy for the first time in 2 years. For now we have decided that our heads and hearts can’t continue on this path right now. We now will be mapping out a new future and a way to our family.


8 responses to “Infertility History

  1. Wow, what a journey you have been on. I am so sad to hear about your recent surgery. How awful to have to go through that. I hope and pray that 2012 will be your year. Hopefully the worst of it is behind you and that you will have success with Metformin. Sending blessings to you!

  2. D

    Hi there! I started following your blog a few weeks back. I know how frustrating this whole trying to make a baby thing is. Never did I think it would be so hard! Hang in there. I wish you the best of luck and will continue to follow you though all of this. Hugs!

  3. I’m with you on this frustrating, painful journey. You are not alone. 🙂

  4. Your timeline is so similar to mine. And you just had another loss. My heart is breaking for you. Know I am thinking of you.

  5. I don’t even know what to say…you’ve been through some much..Keep the hopes up sista!

  6. Just found your blog. I am so sorry about everything that you have been through Just want to let you know that I will be reading and supporting you!

  7. Viviana

    Found your blog, so sorry for everything that you have been through. I will keep reading and supporting! thanks for sharing!!

  8. I am so sorry for all that you have been through! And at the same time I am so thankful to find you – minus the PCOS, our paths are just so similar! Thank you very much for sharing!

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